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Consulting due diligence capital solutions

Debt/Equity Placements


Our team can assist with debt placement, negotiation and structuring with commercial banks, middle market lenders and private sources, having represented clients and ourselves on both sides of such transactions for more than 25 years.  Likewise, we have extensive experience in the capital markets with both private and public equity and debt transactions for businesses ranging from start-up stage to mature, profitable enterprises.

Due Diligence


Whether you’re looking to purchase, sell, invest in or lend to a business our due diligence services can assist in assessing the accuracy of financial and other information, identify potential exit strategies, evaluate a market and establish valuation.  A third party such as 3G Partners can often provide an objective, realistic assessment that sometimes escapes an enthusiastic buyer or seller.


One of the greatest challenges facing a young, growing business is keeping its own house in order when the principal(s) is appropriately focused on growing, developing and selling.  At 3G Partners we can fill that void serving in capacities such as advisory board members, contract administrative and operating officers and simply sounding boards to ensure corporate records, regulatory filings and other critical matters are being maintained and timely addressed.

Organizational Assessments & Restructuring

A business form that made sense at one time may no longer be the best structure for an older, more mature business.  Let 3G Partners evaluate both your business structure and your organization chart to determine if you’re still operating in the most cost effective and efficient manner.


Evaluating your working capital position or term debt requirements is fundamental with 3G Partners, be it traditional bank financing, SBA programs, mezzanine or private debt sources.  Once we’ve agreed upon the ideal structure and most cost effective solution 3G Partners will evaluate the alternative sources and negotiate the best deal terms.


If you find your business at odds with its lender or even a fellow shareholder or partner 3G Partners has the knowledge, perspective and objectivity to evaluate the circumstances, develop alternatives and assist or represent you in negotiating the plan to resolve the conflict.

Debt Restructuring

From time to time due to competition, the economy or other factors beyond their control business operators find themselves crossways with creditors.  Once again, with a perspective from both sides of the table, 3G Partners can work with creditors or debtors to negotiate a reasonable compromise regarding debt restructuring.

Virtual / Interim CFO

Businesses require a combination of strategic resources and human capital to support growth and expansion. We offer interim financial expertise and human resources support. This comes through strategic leadership, development of policies and procedures for the accounting, finance and human resources facets of your business. The planning and budgeting functions as well as regular financial reporting and analysis are additional ways we help clients achieve their goals. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs in these areas.

Forensic Accounting / Investigations

We have significant experience in conducting financial investigations involving internal or external fraud or misappropriations.  We can ascertain the extent of loss and also assess the related internal controls and processes to ensure that such issues do not recur.  We have also conducted investigations in the context of litigation matters and determining financial damages and the events and circumstances that caused the losses.