Jamie Roeling

Jamie Roeling has spent 12 years building and managing relationships with small and mid-market businesses in the Austin area. Jamie’s experience has included myriad industries; from sales lead generation and management to commercial lending and banking. For the last 5 years, she served as a senior commercial lender and part of senior management at Treaty Oak Bank. Her expertise in business development, operations, and culture were called upon not only for the benefit of borrowers, but also to help steer the bank through key periods of development.

While at Treaty Oak, Jamie assessed, redesigned, and lead key lending support functions while also managing 25% of the bank’s loan portfolio and virtually all of the operating lines of credit. Sound relationships, critical financial analysis, and consistent portfolio management contributed to her portfolio’s zero-loss record during her tenure. Jamie’s skills in building cross-functional teams and developing corporate culture also contributed to the successful sale of the bank in early 2011.

Jamie has served as an independent management consultant, focusing on process (re)design, system optimization, and strategic planning with start-ups, small and mid-market Austin firms. As Vice President of a managed healthcare consulting firm, she was responsible for the day to day administration of the company and management of real estate holdings.

A native of Baton Rouge, Jamie received her undergraduate degree from Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee and her MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.

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